31 October 2005


Damien: I just got an email from this man who said our blog was his secret guilty pleasure

Damien: He's like a professor at a College

Damien: And he's married

Gabe: Aw that's sweet

Damien: And he wears women's underwear and imagines having s*x with the both of us

Gabe: OK, now he's getting creepy

Damien: He says he'll pay us a lot of money and you only have to wear stockings and a girdle...

Gabe: *logs off*

Happy Halloween!

Gabe: But in case you haven't noticed, we don't do scary...

30 October 2005

Parker Shin

Damien: This is Calvin Klein's new muse

Gabe: Parker is such a good boyfriend name

Damien: Dude, you are so desperate it's embarrassing


Damien: This guy's bicep is bigger than my - well - anything
Gabe: I'd like to have a go on him like a bouncy castle

29 October 2005


Gabe: A bird flew straight into my window yesterday

Gabe: It freaked me out

Damien: Imagine what it must have felt like for the bird

Damien: Poor dead bird

Gabe: No, it didn't die

Gabe: It just looked pretty dazed

Gabe: And a little embarrassed

Gabe: Then it flew away again

Damien: Fly birdy, fly, let the sky be your salvation!

Damien: Actually, I hate birds

28 October 2005

Albert Reed

Damien: lordy, lord lord.


Damien: How do you know if you have cancer?

Gabe: I don't know

Gabe: Why?

Damien: No reason

Gabe: Did you feel a lump or something?

Damien: Every day, I'm touching it now

Gabe: *sighs*

Damien: Oh yeah, I'm touching my lump real good

Gabe: One day you'll get cancer and regret saying that

Gabe: It's called Karma

Damien: Well karma can go s@#k a f$>k

Gabe: *sighs again*

27 October 2005


Damien: What's your President called again?

Gabe: We have a Prime Minster B^ttmunch

Damien: Gees, and I though "Bush" was an unfortunate name...

26 October 2005

Shout Out

Damien: As Gabe would say, cheers to all the good folk who have linked to us.
Damien: We're not worthy.
Damien: Well, Gabe isn't.
Damien: Me, I should be looked after like a prince and given jewels and fine clothes and a waterbed and soforth.
Damien: Anyway, here's a sandy guy with freaky eyes to say thanks.


Gabe: I didn't get one email today

Gabe: Not one

Gabe: Not even any spam

Gabe: I wrote ten emails yesterday

Gabe: And didn't get one reply

Damien: Have you checked your outbox?

Gabe: Yeah, it's empty

Damien: That's weird

Gabe: Why?

Damien: No, I've just found a freckle in the shape of Rupert Everett on my ankle

Damien: It looks like he's smiling!!!!

Gabe: *logs off*

25 October 2005


Damien: Cute shorts
Gabe: The guy isn't bad either

24 October 2005

Jojoba Berries

Damien: Hey Gabe you b^ttmunch, I smoke
Damien: And I don't taste bad
Damien: I'll have you know my saliva tastes naturally of vanilla and wild jojoba berries
Damien: Buttmunch

Hot Smoker

Gabe: Of course this guy looks hot, but his mouth would taste like an ashtray

Gabe: And believe me - I know what ashtray tastes like

Gabe: a truth or dare dare

Gabe: I'd rather not talk about it

Gabe: Except to say that afterwards Adam Joseph was made to take off his levis and give Michael Lazenby a lapdance...

23 October 2005


Damien: What's your favorite word?

Gabe: Confabulate

Damien: Mine's buttinsky

Gabe: Because it has butt in it?

Damien: Bingo

22 October 2005

Pretty Gay Movie

Damien: So there's this new flick we got sent the pics for

Damien: These hot guys I get

Damien: Just, um, what's this scene all about?
Damien: Huh?
Gabe: Phantom gay pregnancy?
Damien: That's what I thought too
Gabe: It happened once to this guy I went to Scouts with

21 October 2005


Damien: Do you think you think any of the guys we post pictures of on here have beautiful minds?
Damien: If they dance or write poetry?
Damien: Or are kind to animals
Damien: Or help home school their retarded neice?
Gabe: No one says ret@rded anymore
Gabe: And anyway, shush, I'm trying to look at p*rn

20 October 2005

Reynaldo Gianecchini

Gabe: Hey Brazil
Gabe: How about leaving some cute men for the rest of the world?
Gabe: Failing that you could at least send me a one way plane ticket...

19 October 2005

Hot model

Damien: Yowser, is it getting warm in here??
Damien: Thanks to Tommy for the heads up on this hotty.

J*rk off

Gabe: How often do you, you know...

Damien: What?

Damien: Floss?

Gabe: No, when you wake up...

Damien: Make a coffee?

Gabe: No, no, no

Damien: Eat breakfast?

Gabe: No I mean

Damien: What then?

Gabe: Have a... you know... when you

Damien: Jerk off?

Damien: You can say "@ssmaster" but not j*rk off???

Damien: Sheesh

Damien: Sometimes you're so English it hurts

Gabe: @ssmaster!!!

Damien: By the way, if you can't even say m@sturbate, you most definitely shouldn't be allowed to do it

Gabe: W@nk, w@nk, w@nk, w@nk!!!!!

18 October 2005

Matt Lanter is still dreamy

Damien: The shirt and tie are a little Bugsy Mallone, but Matt, looking good.

Damien: Call me okay?

17 October 2005

My boyfriend Seth

Damien: I have a long week ahead of me

Damien: And I don't know what I'd do without Seth

Damien: He's so my rock

Damien: And sweet! Always buying me little gifts

Damien: But J*sus H Chr*st

Damien: If he continues to leave his coffee mugs on my white furnishings

Damien: We will have to have a SERIOUS discussion about the future of our relationship

Hey hey

Damien: Oh it's you


Gabe: Anyway, I thought I was your fantasy boyfriend?

Damien: Quiet, Seth will hear you!!!!

Rope swinger

Gabe: I have a confession to make
Gabe: I know only a handful of good UK gay blogs
Gabe: As a Brit, I feel like I'm letting the side down
Gabe: So if you know any cute English gay bloggers, email me the links:
Gabe: gobbeldygook AT gmail DOT com
Gabe: Or add it in the comments
Gabe: I'll check them out and add them to our list
Gabe: But until then
Gabe: Here's some picture of a cute blonde guy swinging on a rope
Gabe: Swing blondy! Swing!
Gabe: Oh yeah, that's it

Gabe: This has been a public announcement on behalf of the Pretty Boys

16 October 2005

Henry Cavil

Damien: He was robbed, robbed

Damien: How hot would Henry Cavil have been as James Bond?

Gabe: It's a crying shame


Gabe: Sum this guy up in one word
Damien: lickhimupallover
Gabe: Nice
Gabe: Triple word score
Damien: Thank you thank you very much

It's got very latino beefcake around here lately btw
Damien: It's a phase I'm going through
Gabe: Hey, I'm not complaining...

15 October 2005

Caco Ricci

Damien: *dribbles also*

Brian Bianchini

Gabe: *dribbles*

14 October 2005

Hot man picture (picture not included)

Damien: You know, I was going to post a pic of this really hot guy
Damien: But Blogger keeps stuffing up
Damien: So I'm going to recite a poem about hot guys instead -

Hot guy
You are really cute
Have a drink with me
And let me slip it up you.

13 October 2005

Skater Boy

Damien: I'm such a ret@rd

Damien: I just totally fell over gawking at this hot guy in the street

Gabe: What did he look like?

Damien: He was older, like late twenties

Damien: Long dirty blonde hair

Damien: Kinda grungy

Damien: Carrying a skateboard

Damien: Hot

Damien: He was totally checking me out too

Gabe: Really?

Damien: Yeah, well it was kind of hard not to

Damien: I managed to cause a three car pile up and buckle the back wheel on my bike

Gabe: Top effort

Damien: But least he looked!!

Daniel Craig

Gabe: So Daniel Craig is the new James Bond huh?

Gabe: He looks a bit, um, wizened
Gabe: But then I guess James Bond does have a lot on his plate

Gabe: I’d still do him though

Gabe: I might even sit on his Moonraker...

Hot Cooked Meals

Gabe: My Mum says I should get out more

Gabe: She keeps reading about how sons are living with their parents until they're thirty

Gabe: She's worried if she doesn't push, I won't leave

Gabe: So she's only going to cook me one meal a day, not two

Damien: Sounds fair

11 October 2005


Gabe: I don't know who these guys are but they're cute
Damien: I call the front one Sebastian Muckleboot

10 October 2005

Location Location

Damien: What time is it over there in England?

Gabe: 10.57pm

Gabe: What time is it in Boulder?

Damien: Shut up, I don't live in Boulder

Gabe: What? Yes you do!

Damien: No way, I live in L.A.!!

Gabe: What???

Damien: I commute to write the blog in Boulder, but I live in Los Angeles

Gabe: You are so full of sh*t

Damien: Gabriel Winger, it's using that kind of language which keeps you single

Gabe: @ss Master!


Gabe: Good morning ;)

09 October 2005


Gabe: Mmm... soapy

08 October 2005

Matt Lanter

Damien: He can be my Commander in Chief any day

Gabe: I want to touch his little President

Damien: I want to play with his attorney General
Damien: That last one didn't really work, did it?
Gabe: No, but that's never stopped you before
Damien: *logs off*

More Matt Lanter pics