22 December 2006


D: We're out of here Pretty Boy Clubsters
G: Have a great Christmas and New Year
D: Pull my cracker Gabe
G: Not now
D: No really, pull it
G: We're taking a break
G: And we'll be back in a few weeks
D: Seriously Gabe, touch my cracker
G: Say goodbye Damien
D: Goodbye Damien!

19 December 2006


G: What?
G: Are you being weird?
D: I was singing Silent Night
G: Weirdo

18 December 2006

The Young American

G: Ah yes
G: The young American
G: So quick to judge
G: When it comes to keeping the peace
D: You are so racial!!

16 December 2006

x J

G: OK, this is what I call potential
G: "Hi Gabe,
G: My name's John, I'm 25, single,
G: I work as a web designer
G: play a bit of guitar
G: and I wondered if you'd like to go for a drink sometime?
G: Let me know if you do
G: Keep the peace, x J"

D: Keep the peace???

13 December 2006


D: We've recieved a coupla emails from potentials!
D: Ahem
D: "im horny now. want u to suck it all the way
D: think u can handl it?"
D: Strange, he leaves no name
G: Was that an email
G: Or something you read in a toilet cubicle?
D: Gabe, do you want a date or not??

12 December 2006

The List

G: Here's the list
D: Shoot
G: OK, cute
G: Funny
G: Althletic maybe
G: And his ass must be hanging out of his trousers
D: Well hello? Natch

10 December 2006

Those Two

D: Have you ever gone out with a black guy?
G: Once
G: He was a photographer
G: And smelt of baby powder
G: But I don't think those two things
G: are related

08 December 2006

Finding You

D: So back to the task at hand
D: Finding you a man
G: I still have snot
G: A lot of snot
D: Details, details