24 August 2007


D: It's weird being single again
D: You know the one thing I miss?
G: Borrowing all his clothes?
D: Apart from that
G: Eating all his food?
D: No, no
D: I miss having someone
D: Just one person out there
D: Who has to be nice to you
G: Aw Damien *hugz*

G: Now get back in the kitchen
G: And finish scrubbing those floors

21 August 2007

Equine Friend

G: Ah the seventies
G: When nothing but a red leather genital pouch
G: Stood between you
G: And the sweet sweet loving
G: of your equine friend
D: I have those boots in a chisel toe

20 August 2007


D: I like
D: That while I was away
D: People were all
D: "Your blog sucks!"
D: Like all blogs
D: Should naturally be written by two people
D: That they're reading
D: Perez or something
D: And they're like
D: "He's good
D: But he really could do
D: with some witty counter point..."

G: Sorry I knocked over my glass of Ribena
G: What were you saying?
D: Oh nevermind

14 August 2007

Hot Naked Guys OK

G: Hang on
G: "Three people in the relationship"
G: ?
D: Oh, well he was kinda jealous of you
D: I s'pose
D: He was always like
D: "What do you guys talk about all the time?"
D: And I was like
D: "Hot naked guys ok
D: What you're like my Dad now??"
G: And to think
G: He broke up with you
D: I know G
D: It's a frickin mixed up world

07 August 2007

Three People

D: The dumping was kinda complicated
D: But it involved someone else
G: You cheated on him?
D: No doofus
D: Although Ford was never
D: Exactly ecstatic about this blog
D: He said there were
D: Three people in our relationship
G: I forget he was named after a car
D: And conceived in one
G: I find that a little odd
D: It's more common than you think
D: There was a girl at my school
D: Called Chevrolet Silverado
G: She's lucky it wasn't Back Seat Buick I guess...

02 August 2007

Dumpster Full of Broken Glass

D: OK so I was dumped
D: From a great height
D: Into, like a dumpster full of broken glass
D: And knives
D: But I can talk about it now
D: Because I have distance
G: How did he dump you?

G: D?
D: I'm sorry
D: I said I wouldn't cry
D: I said I wouldn't cry
D: Breathe Damien, breathe