29 April 2006


G: Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes!
D: How were the celebrations?
G: Well
G: I didn't know you could get toxic shock syndrome from too much banana cake and caramel fudge icing...

27 April 2006

Happy Birthday

D: Happy birthday G Man!
D: I got you a cake
D: And a cute boy in underwear with funny eyebrows just how you like
G: Thanks Damien
D: Did you get my other present?
D: Does it fit?
G: It's a bit tight
D: PVC is supposed to be tight
G: It definately hold everything in place
D: I think the word you're looking for is "snug"
G: If I wear it a lot, I won't think I'll be able to have kids
D: See -
D: It's the gift that keeps on giving!

25 April 2006

Hairless & Tanned

D: Look at them frolicking
D: All hairless and tanned
D: Like shaved seals
D: I'd like to get a look at their shaved seals
D: Ha ha
D: I made a joke G
D: Gettit - their "seals" are "shaved"
D: And by "seals" I obviously mean
G: It's my birthday on Thursday
D: Oh grow up

24 April 2006


G: Did I mention it's my birthday
D: On Thursday
D: Yes - I know
D: Your day of birth
D: Mazl-tof already

23 April 2006

What to get you

G: It's my birthday on Thursday
D: Awesome!!
D: I know exactly what to get you too!!!
G: Is it the guy in the picture?
D: With a red ribbon!
D: I wonder if he comes in "hung"?

21 April 2006


D: Ah
D: That's better
D: Glistening hairless muscle boys
G: Heathen

20 April 2006

Sepia Men

D: But these pics are totally old
G: They are steeped in history yes
G: But I find them sexy compared to all the mass produced zombie p0rn you get online now
D: Yeah if you like sepia men with their pants pulled up to their eyebrows
G: Precisely

18 April 2006


G: Agh! I have so much to do this week
G: I have to sort out my online banking
G: And go to the Dentist
G: And there's no milk left
G: Being a grownup sucks

13 April 2006


G: I just ate a whole chocolate egg to myself
D: Augustus Gloop
G: I know
G: I am all full of chocolate
G: And regret
G: But mostly chocolate

12 April 2006


G: I have dibs on the 2nd one
D: Third, fourth and seventh come on down!

10 April 2006

Easter Bunny

D: How old were you when you popped your cherry?
G: Gross
G: Anyway who says I have?
D: If you're a virgin G, then I'm the Easter Bunny

09 April 2006


D: I've gone off all my friends
D: They're so busy with their lives
D: Look at me I have a boyfriend
D: Look at me I have dinner plans
D: Look at me my Dad is in hospital having a hernia removed
D: It's all me me me
G: Some people are so selfish
D: I know!!!