29 September 2007

Social Responsibility

D: I never knew we were so political!
G: Prettiness is a social responsibility
D: Yeah well, I'm doing my part...

26 September 2007

Punch on the Face

G: I was sorting through
G: Some old mail and found this -
"I am seriously very confused. The title you have for your web blog does not match what is in there. I am from California, and if you were to call one of these muscly dudes 'pretty' here, you would get a punch on the face. So if I were you, I would change the title of that blog, or put pictures of actually 'pretty' men. I don't mean to bash you or anything, I just think you guys don't have a concrete idea of what you are putting out there. It's irrational and almost a scam since its not putting out there what the title promises to do. I like the pretty boys, I dont like the hunky guys. So for me, it's deceiving to see this and have to 'search' around deleting all the other muscle cookie cutter guys until I finally find a pretty boy with long hair and a pretty face somewhere." (Name supplied)
G: Discuss...
D: Mmm Muscle cookie

24 September 2007

Speed Racer

D: Woh
G: What?
D: Speed Racer was a lot gayer than I remember

23 September 2007

Celebrity in France

G: It's a good Sunday
G: When we get an email
G: From a French photographer
G: Offering us hunky pics
D: Are we big in France or something?
D: We het a heapa mail from them
D: Am I like a celebrity in France now?
G: Yes
D: Are you just telling me what I want to hear?
G: No
D: That's ok then

17 September 2007

Dieux du Stade

G: Here's the new Dieux du Stade calendar!
D: Oh wow, has it been a whole year already?
G: I know, time flies
D: Hmmm... not so sure about the bondage theme
G: But they're naked still
D: Yes, I'll give them that G Shock
D: I'll give them that

10 September 2007

Learning Juice

G: So, um, drinking a bit these days huh?
D: What's a little learning juice between friends...