31 May 2007


G: I am so into this site right now
G: I've even made my own homage
G: I don't have a cat though
G: So I had to improvise...

29 May 2007

Juan Fan Club

G: I get a bit scared
G: By the Juan fan club
G: To be honest
G: The whole alter ego thing's a bit Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde
G: Except with bitchiness
G: Replacing the murderous tendencies
G: Which is either better / worse
G: Depending on how you look at it

28 May 2007

Greater Geographical Knowledge

G: It's about here
G: Damien would make a joke about being able to see
G: Their brazilians
G: And then I would say something like
G: If you look carefully
G: You can make out their Manaus
G: My joke being technically superior
G: Relying on a greater geographical knowledge
G: But he'd probably not get it
G: And call me a butt pirate or something
G: Yep
G: That's what would usually happen

27 May 2007

Left the Building

D: Hey I'm gonna have to take some time off
D: I just feel a bit, you know
D: Just can't be dealing with all
D: The naked pretty boys right now
G: No problem, take as long as you want
D: So I'll catch you later
G: Any time
D: Seeya
G: Bye
G: Look after yourself

G: ok

G: Damien has left the building

25 May 2007

I Know It Does

G: How's your head?
D: Fine
D: Just so ya know
D: I don't really do remorse
G: No remorse required
G: I just wanted to say hi
G: And if you wanted to talk about any
G: Boyfriend related issues for example
G: That I'm all ears
D: Well
D: Thanks
G: Pleasure

D: Gabe?
G: Yes?
D: My head hurts
G: Yeah I know it does

24 May 2007


G: Hi
D: How are are you
D: I mean really?
G: Um, I'm good
D: That's fantasticx
G: Um, is everything ok?
D: everythings fantastic
D: except i think were breaking up
D: But its nothin
G: Are you drunk?
G: What time is it over there?
D: I gottta go

G: ok

G: Bye

22 May 2007

Powerful Enemy

D: I think we've posted
D: A few of these pics before
G: If you kind find the offending pictures
G: I will happily replace them

D: I can't find them

D: You've made a powerful enemy today
D: Gabriel Winger