30 November 2006


G: Can I be serious for a moment?
D: You can try
G: I really am fed up with being single
G: I know this is a game to you
G: But I've been single for a long time
G: And I'm starting to think its me
D: Oh honey
D: No no no
D: It's not you
D: It's those jerks out there, honestly
D: Their expectations are just way to high
G: Ass-tard!!!!!

29 November 2006


D: OK, what's next?
G: Height
D: Yes, that's important
D: *writes* should be at least 6 inches tall
G: Don't you mean feet?
D: Two words Gabe
D: Ruptured
D: Spleen

22 November 2006

Fly Me

G: He'll have to live in London I guess
G: Or be rich enough to fly me over to where he lives
D: OK cool
D: *writes* must have own jet
G: Hey this video is dubbed in french
D: Yeah - it's art or something
G: He hee, french!
D: *writes* must be very forgiving

21 November 2006

First Date

D: We could hold a competition
D: A date with you could be the prize
D: You put out on the first date right?
G: Do I!

20 November 2006


D: How are you gonna do it then?
G: Easy

D: You don't have a clue huh?
G: Not the foggiest

17 November 2006

Good at This

OK, what does sexitise mean?
G: It's like "monetising"
G: But with more sex
D: And less money?
G: Hey, you're good at this!

15 November 2006


G: Thanks to Tommy for the heads up
G: On these pics
D: Thanks Tommy!
G: You know I've been thinking
D: And the ice caps are melting
D: It's a scary world Gabe
G: We have all these people reading our blog
G: And emailing us
G: Yet I'm still single
G: ...
G: I think it's about time sexatised this blog!
D: Do what now with the blog?

14 November 2006

Video Camera

G: I don't know why I like this video so much
G: But I do
D: Who commissioned this?
D: Was one of them like
D: "I know how we can get hot chicks"
D: "Chuck, have you still got your video camera?"
D: "OK, now guys, we're gonna learn us this dance"
D: "Um, Chuck - ain't that kinda fruity"
D: "No way man, we'll have my sister in it too"
D: OK, now all you guys, take off your clothes...
G: You don't really need me today, do you?
D: Um, today?

13 November 2006

Like His Work

G: I don't know who the boy is
G: But I like his work
D: Mmmm... bubbles