19 June 2007

Origin Story Part 4

G: My plan?
G: To lure Damien onto messenger
G: And give him a taste of his own medicine
G: Some max strength anitihistamean if you will
G: But when he logged on
G: A strange thing happened
G: He was funny
G: And not exactly horrible
G: And we became
G: Friends
G: I know that doesn't make a very good end to the story
G: But that's what happened
G: Real life doesn't always have
G: The best punch lines
G: Does it?

17 June 2007

Origin Story Part 3

G: I avoided him to be honest
G: I thought he was just another loud American (sryz!)
G: Throwing his ideas around (not 2 sterotypz k!!)
G: He would post a response
G: Engineered to wind me up
G: Make fun of my grammar (rich I knos)
G: And call me
G: Princess Crumpetina
G: Now nobody calls me Princess Crumpetina
G: And gets away with (cept my mum lol)
G: I had to teach this Damien a lesson
G: A lesson he would never forget... (everz!)

13 June 2007

Origin Story Part 2

G: 2004 was also the year I suffered
G: My first major Buffy withdrawl
G: I started watching back to back Angel
G: And also frequented a few of the forums
G: It was light weight stuff to begin with
G: Debates on the best Big Bad
G: Longwinded discussions about the pretext of
G: Misogyny disguised as pseudo feminisim
G: Kids stuff
G: But there was this one guy
G: Who took things a little more...
G: How shall I put this?
G: ...Personally
G: And his name
G: Although you've probably already guessed by now
G: Was Damien
G: Or d@m13n_thev@mp1re-sl@y3r69
G: To be precise...

12 June 2007

Origin Story

G: I thought
G: As the natives are getting restless
G: I might distract you with the story
G: Of how D and I met
G: The year is 2004
G: The International Year of Rice
G: Janet Jackson had just shocked the world with her booby
G: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is released
G: And Arsenal loses for the first time in 49 league games
G: Little did two young men
G: On either side of the Atlantic
G: Know they were soon destined to meet...

11 June 2007

A Good Sign

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06 June 2007

Not Today

G: There's going to come a time
G: Where these start to get old
G: But that days not today!!1!

05 June 2007

Say It Again

G: I've said it before
G: But I'll say it again
G: Woo LEGS! :P