30 July 2007

The Usual

G: Stop changing the subject
G: I want to hear about what's been going on
D: Well
D: Nothing much really
D: The usual
D: Ya know... stuff
G: I'll email your sister
D: OK I'll tell!!

25 July 2007

It's Kind Of

G: An Lolgay is
D: Yes?
G: Well an Lolgay is...
G: It's kind of
G: Lolgays are
G: Um

G: Look over there
G: It's James Marsden in a thong!
D: That's not going to work a third time Gabe

23 July 2007

God's Green Earth

G: So
G: Tell me everything
D: Wait
G: What?
D: Look at all the pretty boys
D: I have missed them you know
D: And I think
D: No, I believe it in my heart
D: That they have missed me too
G: Well as their spokesman
G: We're glad to have you back
D: Just one little thing G
G: Yes?
D: What on God's green Earth is a FREAKIN LOLGAY?!??!?

14 July 2007

Seven Sleeps

D: Yo
G: Hey!!!!
G: Hey its you!!
G: You went
G: You went and I was alone
G: And then it got tricky and I went
G: You went away too long!!!!
G: No went long time next ok?
D: Ha
D: Ok I think
G: So how are you?
D: Good. A lot has happened.
D: I want to tell you everything
D: But I'm going away tomorrow for a week
G: You're coming back though right?
D: Yeah I am
G: So I'll see you in a week?
D: Yeah you will
G: Seven sleeps?
D: Ha, yeah
D: Seven sleeps it is