29 October 2007

Back in the Game

G: Yes, start dating again
G: For everyones sake
G: Get back in the game
G: Back on that horse
G: Back in the sling
G: Whichever

28 October 2007

Man of Morals

D: So what are you suggesting?
D: That I whore myself out?
G: Something like that
D: Gabe, unlike you
D: I am a man of morals

D: So when does the porn
D: Start on this video then?

18 October 2007

To School

G: I'm serious
D: Um

D: I see we're taking
D: The "tough love bus"
D: to school today then...

17 October 2007

Whine Fest '07

G: OK that's it
D: What?
G: I am officially SICK TO DEATH
G: Of hearing you whinge all the time
G: You broke up 6 months ago
G: You're single
G: You're young
G: And stop with this self indulgent whine fest '07
G: Or I am going to come across to America
G: Find where you live
G: And give you a good hard smack

D: It was only four months ago
G: Aghh!!

15 October 2007

No One Told Me

D: OK, I'm going to die alone
G: What happened this time?
D: Nothing
D: I am just, most probably going to die single
G: Wow
G: No one told me
G: We'd started Maudlin Mondays already