30 April 2007

Stop. Watching.

G: Wow
G: That guy has hair like Amy Winehouse
D: Can't. Stop. Watching. Them. Running.

28 April 2007

Dim Sum

How was it?
G: John took me for dim sum
G: It was all very refined
D: Really?
D: Wow, OK
D: G String, I think you're growing up
G: Then we hit the tequila
G: And I woke up this morning
G: With salt all up my arm :(
D: Drunk old
D: Salty old G String

25 April 2007

Freakin Gayapalooza

D: Sheesh
D: What's with all the birthdays in April??
D: It's a freakin Gayapalooza
G: Is "freakin" your word of the week or something?
D: Well yah
D: That and Gayapalooza...

D: Freakin word nazi

23 April 2007

Showing Off

D: It's all you, you, you
D: With the diabetes
D: And the showing off
D: What about me huh?
D: What about ME
G: Oh and it's my birthday on Friday
D: Gabe Quitit!!

20 April 2007

Shave My Legs

G: At the end of the day
G: I'm still a normal guy
G: Just like our friend here in this vid
G: I get up
G: And shave my legs
G: One leg at a time
G: Diabetes doesn't change that
D: Doesn't change
D: That you're a freakin goofball either

18 April 2007


D: Do you have to shoot up and stuff?
G: Insulin you mean? yes
D: What happens if you don't?
G: Well I die
G: Or go into a coma
G: You never can tell with that wacky ol' diabetes!
D: What if you're on a ship
D: That gets hit by an iceberg
D: And then you're in a life boat
D: And you forgot to bring your man bag
D: Which has all your insulin in it??
G: Since when do I have a man bag?
D: Just answer the question!!

17 April 2007

Possibly Not Know

D: I didn't know you spoke French
G: There's a lot about me you don't know
D: Like what, huh?
D: After all this time
D: What could I possibly not know about you???
G: Well, I'm diabetic
D: That's actually impressive

16 April 2007


D: We just had an email
D: From a fan who would like to see
D: More black men on PBC
D: So, as the french say
D: Vwalah!!!!
G: Oh mon dieu... :(

13 April 2007

Join the Gym

G: Maybe I'll join a gym this summer?

G: Nah
D: Hey that's progress
D: That's the longest you've thought about it yet

12 April 2007


G: My new room needs something
D: A huge dildo wrapped in rosary beads?
G: I was thinking more a goldfish
G: But I like your idea too