30 June 2006


G: One more week and I'm off to Barcelona!
D: That's sooooo cool
D: I want a vacation
G: You could always come too
G: I could use someone there to carry my luggage
D: Jerk Bait!!

28 June 2006

Will Chalker

D: He rocks
G: Will's English don't you know

27 June 2006

The Same Language

G: How is your day going?
D: Meh
G: Meh?
D: Blah
G: Huh?
D: Blah
G: Que?
D: Wha?
G: Your day?
D: I told you - meh
D: (!)
D: Sometimes it's like we're not even speaking the same language
G: Oh yeah - well the guy in this vid is ropey looking

26 June 2006


D: Videos ROCK
G: It's nice to see you're taking an interest in cinema
D: Totally
D: Do you know how much free porn there is out there???!!!?!?!?!

25 June 2006

Viva la Revolution

D: I did it!!
D: I posted a film thingumy!
G: That's a pretty racy vid
G: I thought this was a family blog
D: A bit of crack never hurt anyone...

Down Boy

D: Cute men and dogs
D: Whatever will they think of next?
G: Cute men and syrup?

24 June 2006

A Certain Way

D: I've given up on abs
D: I'd just like to be able to sit a certain way
D: And not feel like I'm hugging a piglet
G: Hugging a piglet huh?
G: You sure paint a pretty picture...

23 June 2006

Chill Pill

D: This is SFF
G: I don't know what half those words mean
G: What's a sidekick?
G: What's a BCBG?
G: OK that's it
G: No more acronyms
G: Acronyms I renounce you!!!
D: Whoa TACP...

22 June 2006


G: Um...
D: The pics
G: Ah
G: Well in the first one
G: Young Fellatio is sleeping
G: But he's troubled because his lover is away at sea
G: We cut to Rimmington (his lover) who is being wrestled in a jacuzzi full or piranhas and male models
G: But mostly piranhas
G: And finally the last panel shows Rimmington - who is dead - being returned to Fellatio
G: It's very touching really

D: Your stories are educational and disturbing
D: But mostly disturbing

21 June 2006

A good a place to start

D: I need to work on my tan
D: I need to work on a lot of things
D: But a tans a good a place to start as any
G: Maybe you could work on your punchlines while you're at it

20 June 2006

Too Hot

D: So where have you been all my life??
G: It was too hot to blog