30 November 2005

Blond Guy Wednesday

Damien: Man, I've had a week
Gabe: Well, let the bondes make it all better...


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29 November 2005


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Gabe: So what are you going to do about Adam?

Damien: The only thing I can do

Damien: Offer to burn his clothes and buy him a whole new wardrobe

Gabe: Um, I wouldn't expect too many Christmas presents from Adam this year...

28 November 2005


Gabe: I could eat his arms with a knife and fork...

Fashion Sense

Damien: I'm worried about my friend Adam

Gabe: I didn't know you had any friends

Damien: I'm serious

Gabe: OK

Gabe: *Puts me on serious face*

Gabe: Tell me about Adam

Damien: See he's different than you or I

Damien: He's... well... he's...

Gabe: An albino? A vampire? An albino vampire?

Damien: No. He has no taste in clothes

Gabe: Whoa, that's serious

Damien: I know

Gabe: What with your keen fashion sense...

Damien: Totally. And I'm worried that if he keeps wearing those puce cutoffs, I won't want to be seen with him anymore

Gabe: Maybe you could break it to him gently

Damien: Bit late for that. I just hit "send"

Gabe: Oh well, I'm sure he'll appreciate your honesty

Damien: I'm not sure. The title of the email is "Your clothes make me want to hurl"

27 November 2005


Gabe: Crikey
Gabe: He's not your usual type
Damien: I know, but I was strangly attracted to him
Damien: I've nicknamed him 'Ceps
Gabe: I bet he has hips like a nail gun

Jon Passavant

Damien: Jon Passavant was totally checking you out last night

26 November 2005


Gabe: I love Saturday
Gabe: It's the only day Mum leaves me alone
Gabe: She's too busy doing my washing to really annoy me
Damien: If I was your mother, a would whip your lazy ass

25 November 2005


Damien: Man, I am still stuffed like this guy's briefs


Gabe: There was this guy crying in the showers at my gym last night
Gabe: I didn't know what to do
Gabe: It's a bit difficult to ask someone if they're ok and give them a hug with your wotsit hanging out

Gabe: It was really weird
Gabe: I hope he's alright now

24 November 2005

The Casting Couch: Mark

Damien: Can I do this one?
Gabe: Sure, go ahead
Damien: Mark is 25. Oh, and he's single
Gabe: There's a guy at my Uni who looks a bit like him

Damien: Nipples!
Gabe: They're staring at me!!!
Damien: He's pretty cute actually. His bio says he wants to become a model, everyone tells him he should on "regular occassions"

Gabe: My Mum tells me on "regular occasions" to turn off the computer and get some fresh air...


Damein: I know what I'm thankful for...

23 November 2005

Blond Guy, um, Wednesday

Damien: We totally forgot about Blond Guy Tuesday

Damien: We might be pretty

Damien: But we're not very smart


Gabe: Time zones are weird

Gabe: I've been up for hours (well one hour)

Gabe: And Damien is still in bed

Gabe: I bet he's snoring right now

22 November 2005


Damien: Are you a good kisser?

Gabe: I guess so

Gabe: My cousin never complained

Damien: Eeeeeew!!!

21 November 2005

Brandon Routh

Damien: Brandon Routh. Mansicle.


Damien: I have never had a proper boyfriend

Damien: Isn't that the most outrageous thing you ever heard??

Damien: Promise me if we both get to 25 without a boyfriend we'll get a gay union thingy together

Gabe: I'm not promising you anything

Damien: I'll wear a indian silk veil and the bridesmaid's dresses will be buttercup with a nice lace hem

19 November 2005


Gabe: I don't take a very good photo

Gabe: I always look so blah

Damien: Just use this technique

Damien: Tilt your head

Damien: Turn your shoulders

Damien: Suck in your cheeks

Damien: And imagine the camera is Paul Walker with a semi

Gabe: How does that help?

Damien: Believe me, it just does

Gabe: I think in future I'll wear a burka instead

Damien: Yeah, you should do that all the time, not just for photos

Damien: ha ha ha ha haha

Gabe: Pickle Kisser!!!

18 November 2005

Linky Love

Damien: There's been a lot of linky love round here lately
Damien: Thanks to all our peeps
Damien: And now here's something you haven't seen in a while
Damien: A smiling male model!!
Gabe: Boy, he has abs you could wash your socks on


Damien: It's so hard being young
Damien: You have no money, no respect
Damien: Sometimes I just want to give up
Gabe: On being young?
Damien: Yeah
Gabe: So you'd rather be old would you?

Damien: Maybe it's just hard being me

17 November 2005

The Casting Couch: Nathan

Gabe: Nathan is 25 and plays a number of sports
Damien: I hate his suit. You should never do up the jacket. And hands in pockets? Next!

Gabe: He has black hair and green eyes
Damien: Is he really pointing the gun like that? So Reservoir Dogs nineties. Actually his whole look is tres 1996 - Bevery Hills 90210. But with a gun.

Gabe: He's 178 cm / 5ft 10in
Damien: oh yeah! Take it off!!!

Damien: I like his legs!!

Gabe: "I would describe my personality to be very motivated to succeed, open minded, easy to get on with, caring and very loyal."
Damien: Why did he put his pants back on? Did I say he could do that? Next!


Damien: I think I might be a secret poet

Damien: I'm always thinking up these great lines

Gabe: Like what?

Damien: Butter, butter is so yellow, and into it the dwarf did fell - oh!

Damien: They sound much better in my head actually

Gabe: I think you should stay a secret poet

16 November 2005


Damien: How's your hangover?

Gabe: Better

Gabe: I still feel groggy though

Damien: Groggy

Damien: I feel groggy!

Damien: Groggy, groggy

Damien: You can't hear it but I'm speaking with a British accent

Gabe: Well done

Gabe: I'm sure Dick Van Dyke would be proud


Gabe: I drank way too much red wine last night

Gabe: My head feels like is being excavated by tiny brain moles

Gabe: Tiny brain moles with sledgehammers

Gabe: ugh

15 November 2005

Blonde Guy Tuesday

Damien: I'm a little scared of blonde guys
Damien: For some reason I always think they're better than me

Gift wrapped

Gabe: Now you know what to get me for Christmas...

14 November 2005


Gabe: What do you call a whole lot of male models?
Gabe: A flock?
Gabe: A herd?
Damien: A bulge
Gabe: As in "a bulge of male models just entered the room"?
Damien: Exactly

10 November 2005


Damien: Do you think kangaroos really exist?

Gabe: What? Of course they do

Damien: But how can you know for certain if you've never seen one?

Damien: Maybe Kangaroos are a scam?

Damien: Maybe they want you to believe in kangaroos?

Gabe: But I have seen one

Gabe: I've seen two in fact, at the London zoo

Damien: You're always trying to spoil my theories


Damien: I think I've bruised my ribcage

Damien: Can that happen?

Gabe: Sure. How'd you do it?

Damien: This woman tripped up in the parking lot and threw all her groceries in the air

Gabe: Did something hit you?

Damien: No, no, I just laughed so hard I almost puked!!!!!!

Gabe: Such the humanitarian

Cereal Killer

Gabe: My cocoa pops formed an arrow at the bottom of my bowl this morning

Damien: Freaky!!!

Damien: Where was it pointing??

Gabe: Out the door

Damien: That's crazy mofo!!

Gabe: Not really

Gabe: I think my Mother did it while I was in the loo

Gabe: I guess I should really start looking for a flat before she starts putting crushed glass in my cornflakes

More Leandro Becker

Gabe: Leandro Becker owes me a piggy back ride


Damien: I think my boilers broken

Gabe: Why's that?

Damien: It doesn't work

Gabe: Oh

The Life

Damien: What does the Queen do in your country?

Gabe: Not much

Gabe: Wears tiaras

Gabe: Walks her corgis

Damien: Man, that's the life!!!

Damien: So what's a "corgis" again?

09 November 2005

Gavin Henson

Gabe: Gavin Henson can pass me a long shot any day
Damien: What, is he like an actor?
Gabe: He's a Welsh rugby player
Damien: Oh
Damien: I guess someone has to be