30 August 2006

A Hooker who Strips

G: I bought you a present
D: Aw geez, you didn't have to do that G Spot
D: Your friendship is gift enough
G: Well if you don't want it...
D: No no I do
D: Is it a stripper?
D: Or a hooker?
D: Or a hooker who strips?
G: It's a goat
D: Is that his performance name? Because believe me
G: No
G: A real goat

27 August 2006

Want to Make a Fuss

G: So when is your birthday?
D: Um
D: It was yesterday
G: Why didn't you tell me???
G: You dickhead!!
D: I didn't want to make a fuss
D: It's nothing
D: Just another day
D: It's fine
G: No its not
G: It's rubbish
G: You should have - wait there

D: Gabe?

25 August 2006

Cash Machine

G: My card was swallowed by the cash machine today
G: And I dropped my phone
G: And the loo in the costa was out of order
D: Poor old Gabe
D: With your bad luck
G: I almost had to wee in a coffee cup
D: Gross

24 August 2006


G: Black and white
G: Tres arty
D: As long as he's semi nekkid
D: You can arty it up all you want

23 August 2006

Hot Muscles Manuel

Manuel looks scared
G: Maybe because he's just been attacked by a bottle of cooking oil
D: He totally brings hope to all the skinny boys out there
D: Who dream of flexing
G: I like how he walks right in and *bam!* flexes
D: He could work as a flex-o-gram?
G: Maybe he is
G: Maybe the cooking oil paid him a fiver to drip on the floor?
G: Here's your message
G: *bam!*
D: (drip)

22 August 2006

Make a Pact

G: I don't want Summer to end
G: Maybe we can make a pact with some mischevious spirit
G: And in exhange for our souls or our youth or something
G: We would get an eternal Summer!
D: But then we'd be old and souless
D: And when could we wear scarves?
D: I just don't think you've thought this through

21 August 2006

A Villa In

D: OK, if could go somewhere right now, where would it be?
G: On holiday you mean?
D: Sure
G: I'd go
G: I'd go to a villa in Naples
D: Heehehe
G: What?
D: Nothing
D: You said nipples

19 August 2006

Ass Man

G: Woo - legs!
D: I'm more an ass man myself

18 August 2006


D: Oh great, girls
G: Sexy boys though
D: Yes Gabe
D: We get it
D: You like your sexy girls
G: Boys
D: Whatever

16 August 2006

Well Groomed

D: My pubic hair region
D: Is "well groomed"
G: What - like in plats?
D: Yes Gabe in plats
G: Bows too I bet

15 August 2006

Grab a Burger

D: Want to go grab a burger?
G: Um Ok
G: I'll just jump on a Jumbo Jet!
D: Oh yeah
D: That