28 February 2007


D: I thought it was time for an asian invasion
G: Is that politically correct?
D: Newsflash Gabe
D: We publish pictures of naked guys
D: This ain't exactly the UN

23 February 2007

Oh But

G: Oh but we got sent this too
D: Well that's news!


G: I was asked by a reader
G: To correct the punctuation
G: In the name of the blog
G: So behold
G: The Pretty Boys Club
G: Becomes
G: The Pretty Boys’ Club

G: It's a very slow news day
D: You betcha

22 February 2007


D: We just got sent some more
D: Of those Guys Gone Wild vids
G: Guys Gone Wilder?
D: Guys Gone Wild 2: Hot Man's Chest
G: Guys Gone Wild: Reloaded
D: Guys Gone Wild: First Bulge Part II
G: Guys Gone Really Wild: Check in. Relax. Take a shower.
D: I don't get that one

21 February 2007

Wild Berries

D: Guys are going wild round here!!
D: Wild!!!
G: I'm going wild too D!
G: I'm giving up all modern conveniences
G: Like soap and toasters and inner soles
G: To live in a mud hut
G: And eat wild berries
G: Because that's the only food
G: And then I'll probably eat
G: A poisonous one by mistake
G: I'm going wild - woo!!!!!
D: Are we even writing for the same blog??

18 February 2007

Back to Business

D: I'm glad that's taken care of
D: Now we can get back to what we do best

G: Um
G: What is that again?
D: I dunno
D: Aren't we like celebrities or something?

17 February 2007

Little Gay Lover

G: Did you go to Devon?
H: No I never did! I wanted to but I
D: Guys!!!
D: Please
D: Are we agreed then????
H: Sure - if you keep your promise
D: You'll never ask to come on here again?
D: Or tell anyone that I'm a... blogger
H: My lips are sealed
H: I'm so excited!
H: I can't wait to meet Squirt's little gay lover!
D: Yeah, well, neither can I *blows chunks*
H: Gabe, it's been an honor
G: The pleasure was all mine
H: Email me that song OK?
G: I will
H: Bye! xxxxxxxxxx
G: Bye! :)

D: What are you looking at??
G: Nothing

15 February 2007

She Beast

He's so secretive, you know?
H: He won't tell us anything
H: He's dating someone
D: I'm right here
H: And he won't even introduce us
G: Maybe he's shy
D: I'm not shy
D: Gabe, do not side with the she beast
H: He's emotionally stunted
H: He never even cried watching ET
D: It looked like a turd!!!

13 February 2007

Big Fan

G: Um, how do you do?
D: Don't make direct eye contact G Boat
D: She'll turn you to stone
H: So is this it?
H: Will I be on your website thing now?
D: It's called a blog
D: And yes
D: You will
H: Just so you know Gabe
H: I'm a big fan
D: Kill me kill me now
H: Anyone who can put up with Squirt here
H: Deserves a medal
G: He he I like her

12 February 2007

Sell Your Story

G: So is your sister blackmailing you?
G: Is she going to tell your Mum?
G: Or sell your story to the tabloids?
G: The suspense is killing me
D: Not exactly
G: Then what?
D: Well...
D: Gabe
D: This is my sister Hannah
H: Hi Gabe