30 March 2007

Circle of Life

D: Gabe
D: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
D: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
D: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
D: aaaaaaaaaaaaaabe

G: What?
G: I was in the loo

G: Damien?
G: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
G: aaaaa

26 March 2007

Work That Ice

G: I moved house
D: Good work!
G: I am now officially a resident
G: Of Bethnal Green
D: That's awesome!
G: You're talking about the vid aren't you?
D: Work that ice real good!

20 March 2007


G: So are we winning?
D: No
D: Democracy sucks

19 March 2007

Vote or Die

D: We are in some gay blog competition
G: What?
D: A gay blog competition
D: People are voting
D: And we're LOSING
G: What?
D: So my blog friends
D: You must go here and click on "vote now!"
D: And vote for US
G: What?
D: We can't let that homo Outsports blog win
D: Lovers of soft porn must triumph
D: Over mildly athletic homosexuals
D: Are you with me brothers!!!?!!?

G: Seriously, what?

16 March 2007


G: A french magazine just sent us these pics
D: Oh the french
D: And their frenchiness
D: Being all french
D: And stuff
D: Frenchy Mc french fry
D: Frenchetta french
D: French

D: French

D: Is anyone else hungry?

14 March 2007

Honour Among Thieves

G: These are cool pics
D: Thank you
D: I stole them off some website
G: Which one?
D: I never reveal my sources
G: Honour among thieves huh?
D: That and I've forgotten already

13 March 2007

Waikiki Beach

D: This vid is a selection of hot guys on Waikiki Beach
G: How did you guys end up with Hawaii?
D: I think we won it on a bet
G: Alaska?
D: Strip poker
G: The Virgin Islands?
D: Like you have to ask
D: Canada we got playing paper, rock, scissor
G: Um...
G: I think that's one of ours
D: Oh yeah

12 March 2007

Nobody Likes Change

D: Yo
D: How was your weekend?
G: I took down all my posters
G: Ripped a corner off Jared Leto
G: My signed Fall Out Boy has a big crease too
G: But it's done
D: Good for you
D: Nobody likes change
D: Or Jared Leto anymore FYI

08 March 2007


G: I think I'm going to stage a sit-in
D: What?
G: I'm being kicked out of my house
G: Remember?
D: Oh yeah
D: Why don't you become a Manny?
G: What's that?
D: A dude Nanny
G: Wouldn't that be a Danny?
D: Anyhoo you should totally do it
D: You'll be so freakin' Charles in Charge!!