30 March 2006


G: I'll get a webcam
G: If you do something for me
D: What?
G: I haven't thought of it yet
G: But I think it involves ponies
G: Ponies and a wax of some sort
D: What is it with this animal fixation??

29 March 2006

Clean the Bathroom

G: Which reminds me
G: I need to clean the bathroom
D: Don't try and change the subject
D: We're getting webcams buster

28 March 2006

What now

G: Why do we need a webcam?
D: Um, so we can see each other...
G: But I like my anonymity
D: Your what now?

27 March 2006


G: That was too funny
D: Freakazoid
G: The look on your face!
G: Well, the look I imagined to be on your face
D: Hey - maybe we should get webcams?
G: What?
D: Yeah, it will be awesome!!

26 March 2006

Starting To

D: No more freaky juice Gabe
D: You're starting to scare the children

25 March 2006

Oh My

G: Monkeys
G: Heheha ha haa
G: Oh my

23 March 2006


G: Damien
D: Yeah?
G: do you like
G: he heh
G: do you like monkeys??
D: Why?
D: Have you been smoking a left handed cigarette again?
G: Hahaahaheheha
D: You're weird

22 March 2006

Guest in your own Home

G: You know
G: You haven't once asked me to guest blog on your Actor thing
D: Haven't I?
D: Do you know anything about actors?
G: Do I!
G: I was Goody Nurse in my High School production of The Crucible
D: Isn't Goody Nurse a woman?
G: I went to an all boys school
D: Kinky
D: Anyway, we just got a different groove going on is all
G: Fine
G: I'm not going to ask again
G: You've done it now


G: Has anyone tried putting Nair, you know, "down below"?

20 March 2006

Link Love

G: I've been a little useless with the links
G: So if you link to The Pretty Boys Club
G: Ping me an email
G: And I'll return the favour
D: Don't I get a say in this?
G: No not really
D: No respect
D: No respect I tells ya

19 March 2006


D: I think posting pictures of all these perfect guys every day
D: Is giving me unrealistic expectations
G: Hurt yourself holding in your stomach again huh?
D: I think I have a hernia

18 March 2006


G: I wonder if these guys want to come over and hang out in their speedos
G: My new place could do with some sprucing up

15 March 2006


D: Being pretty is pretty exhausting

14 March 2006


G: I think I'll leave the photos to the experts
D: I'd like to do some contemporary dance with him and his socks...

13 March 2006

Self Expression

G: I've giving up on my photo idea
G: I'm going to create a work of self expression
G: Through contemporary dance instead
D: That's going to make renewing your driving license a whole lotta fun

12 March 2006


D: If you're serious about getting these photos done I thought I should be the one to give you a few tips
G: Wow.
G: Thanks.

D: It's a good idea to wear nice clothes - but you don't want to look too formal

D: Relaxed is better

D: But not too relaxed

D: Some people find a prop helps

D: Just don't let the prop steal the limelight

D: Feel confident in front of the lens and it will show in your face

D: And um, your other places

D: But no one likes a show off

D: Emphasize the parts of your body you like the best

D: Whether it's your wash board abs

D: Or your left nipple

D: The most important tip is: RELAX!
D: Don't let the sound of my hysterical laughter put you off
G: Kill me, kill me now