09 March 2009

Reader, I (Gay) Married Him

D: Ok ok ok we're lame
D: We were trying to wrap this up
D: But the thing that was stopping us stopped us again
D: Our terrible secret
G: It's not exactly... I wouldn't call it... anyway
D: So you remember ages ago? Good
D: Well I sorta maybe went to London
G: Only after I came over to see you first
D: And we kinda, you know, "did it"
D: With each other
D: Nakedly
G: A lot
D: And that was all good and fine and junk except for the blog
D: Because it was weird talking about other boys and their hotness
G: When we'd sort of found something... good
D: Yes
G: Good... and long distance
D: Yes
D: But that is changing soon
G: Visas pending
D: And this blog, this beautiful blog, she is done
G: We'd like to thank everyone for reading over the years
D: Thanks for all your emails, even the ones I was too lame ass to reply to
G: And yeah, that's it I think
D: Wow, it really is