24 December 2007


G: Have a great Christmas everyone!
D: Woo!
D: 2Damien00Damien8!!
G: Um, what?
D: Just that, next year
D: It's gonna be a good one
D: I can feel it
G: What, how?
D: Well, it's got my name written all over it
G: ...

11 December 2007

Guy # 3

G: Craig is neither too short
G: Nor too tall
G: Too fat or too thin
G: He's a great guy is Craig
G: Yes with him you will grin

D: Yeah, um
D: Points for poetry
D: But I knew a Craig once
D: And he was a total butt
D: Not in a good way either

06 December 2007

Guy # 2

G: Him?
D: OK, he’s tall
D: I’ll give him that
G: Medically he’s a giant
D: I don’t know
D: He’d be all “vertically superior” to me
G: Is that even a thing?
D: It is now
G: *sighs*

04 December 2007

Guy # 1

G: I have a contender
G: He's half Italian, half Irish
D: Interesting mix, keep talking
G: He travelled around Europe a few years back
G: And works in advertising now
D: Let me see...
D: Way too short!
D: Next!!