31 October 2006


D: Happy Halloween!!!!
G: That guy is scary
G: He's like a Go-go boy
G: Crossed with Michael Myers

30 October 2006


G: How was your weekend?
D: Pretty tame
D: This guy still won't drink
G: I'm taking it that "this guy" is your boyfriend?
D: Yes
D: He's my boyfriend
D: I have a boyfriend
D: I am officially off the market
D: And in a monogamous relationship
D: God help me

27 October 2006

Numb the Pain

D: This guy I'm seeing
D: Wants us to go "steady"
D: Only I haven't been seeing any one else
D: But that leads me to think that he must have been
D: So now I'm pissed
D: And I might break up with him
D: But then I kind of like him
D: Really, I'm all over the place
G: Have you had a lot of coffee today?
D: Caffeine helps numb the pain

26 October 2006


D: I don't get people who use lotion
G: You wouldn't have liked Cleopatra then
G: She bathed in goat's milk
D: Oh, I have nothing against goat's milk
D: Just lotion
G: Yes, you're a complex, complex man
D: But speaking of Cleopatra
D: I think I can see towel guy's asp...

24 October 2006

Only As Good

D: So where are those links, huh?
G: Um
G: I didn't do them
D: Gabe
D: A man is only as good as his word
G: I hate it when you get all religious

23 October 2006

Lame Weiner

G: You might have noticed
G: Our link list is a bit thin
D: Yeah, I had noticed
G: Well watch in awe as I make it grow
G: The link list that is
G: Not my penis
D: Can you fix the blogad ads too?
G: Um, I don't know how to
D: Maybe someone should spend
D: A little more energy on blog maintenance
D: And a little less time on lame weiner jokes

18 October 2006


G: So you want to meet up someday, huh
G: Visit the Gabester in good old Blighty
D: Only if you never refer to yourself again
D: As "the Gabester"

17 October 2006

What's Going to Happen

D: Do you wanna know why?
D: Huh?
G: Um, ok
D: It's stupid
D: Forget it
G: Um, ok
D: It's just that
D: You know
D: With all these perfect guys
D: We blog about
D: What's going to happen when we meet up someday?
G: When we meet up someday?
D: Aha

G: Um
G: I don't know

16 October 2006


G: I just don't understand what made you go
G: All homo-ist...
G: You're the most shallow person I know
D: Leave it, ok?
G: You date people on the size of their car!
D: Transportation is very important to me!!

15 October 2006

Search Party

D: Hi
G: Hey!
G: You're alive!
G: I can call off the search party
G: Which is just as well
G: Those mounties were having a hard time
G: Who knew there were so many gay boys
G: In Boulder
G: With bad skin
G: A gammy leg
G: And a hump back???
D: You are such a buttknocker