29 September 2006


G: Look Damien
G: The nice people at Ginch Gonch have sent us a pic
G: It's two hot men
G: In a tub together
G: Without their pants
G: Remember when you like this sort of thing??
G: When it would make you feel all warm
G: And goey...?
G: Oh please remember...
D: I bet they're not really naked
G: This is getting serious

28 September 2006

What Have You Done

D: Seriously
D: I'm finding these guys oppressive
G: Who are you
G: And what have you done to Damien????

27 September 2006

So 2005

D: Oh yeah
D: Cute guys
D: Are we still doing that?
D: Hunky muscle men are so 2005
G: Wake up on the wrong side of the bed, did we?

26 September 2006


G: I think I might have stuffed up the RSS feed
G: If you subscribe to it, you might have to reinstall it
G: I don't know
G: It's all a bit beyond me
D: Shhhhh!
D: He's trying to sleep...

24 September 2006

Anne Heche

D: Seriously
D: Anne Heche should just cut all her hair off right now
G: Damien has a boyfriend!!!
G: Damien has a boyfriend!!!!!
D: If I can quote you please
D: Ahem
D: "My brain
D: My poor hurting brain"

23 September 2006


G: Are still seeing that guy?
D: Yeah
G: You've kept that quiet
D: Not much to tell
G: Do you lurve him?
G: Do you want to buy a labrador cross
G: And get a cottage together
G: And grow runner beans?????
D: No
D: But I don't hate him yet
G: Damien's got a boyfriend!!!!

21 September 2006

Viral Christian Parsnip

D: Woh
D: Check out the VCP
G: OK, I should know this one
G: Viral Christian Parsnip?
G: Vertical Cauldron Piracy?
D: Visible Cartoon Penis
G: There you go

20 September 2006

Youth Culture

G: I like to think that this is a social comment
G: On youth culture
G: Nihilism
G: And the pressure on young men to conform

D: I like it when he licks his arm

19 September 2006

Bring Up the Goat

D: I don't even have an ipod anymore
D: It malfunctioned
D: I'm like totally deprived
G: Don't make me bring up the goat again...