28 February 2008


G: This vid was sent in by Matty:

"These are some of the best scenes from a Scottish show, Tinsel Town, which included a gay love story between 37 year-old police officer Jack Donnelly (Paul Hickey) and 17 year-old school boy Ryan Taylor (David Paisley). Paisley is the pretty boy of course.

Jack didn't know just how young Ryan was the first time they hooked up, and Ryan approached Jack.

David Paisley is gay in real life. From Wikipedia about David Paisley: "...He had a long-term relationship with Alex Mercer, with whom he shared Britain's first on-screen gay threesome scene in Tinsel Town...".
G: End quote
D: David Paisley huh?
D: Well he was never going to be a
D: Vaginarologist with a name like that...

23 February 2008

Round 2

G: So those ones were easy huh?
G: Try these on for size!
D: Wait, are these all still Disney characters?
D: Because I think I've seen
D: That last guy in Brazilian Boners 3
D: Just sayin

22 February 2008

Prize If You Can Name Them All

G: Maybe we could do an animated film?
D: Um, these pics are kinda wrong
G: I know
G: I can't stop looking at Aladdin's crotch
G: It's like I'm 9 years old all over again...

20 February 2008

Write a Movie

D: You know the writer of Juno
D: Is a blogger?
G: No I did not
D: Well she is
D: And she's like totally rich now

G: Wait for it...
D: Hey - maybe we should write a movie!
G: There you go

14 February 2008


D: We have a reader's question
G: Woo!
D: Ahem
D: "what's your guy's secret? do you rehearse what you put on the blog? or do you just chat randomly on messenger until you find something funny to put in."
D: You wanna answer this one?
G: Dear reader
G: You might have noticed
G: That the quality of funny here
G: Has plummeted since the Writers' Strike
G: Coincidence??
D: OK, that's enough Columbo

05 February 2008

Add Baby Oil

D: So how did you hurt your ankle?
G: Well by the the time you add baby oil
G: And alcohol to the proceedings
G: It's really only a matter of time

04 February 2008

Left Foot Blue

D: Obligs
D: Go
G: Christmas with the boyf
G: New Years in Cornwall
G: Twisted my ankle playing twister
D: Is that last one for reals?
G: Left foot blue Damien
G: Left. Foot. Blue.

01 February 2008

Because You Love

D: Can I just draw your attention
D: To the banner on the right
D: Playgirl:
D: Because You Love Cock
G: Says it all really
D: Well they've done their market research
D: I'll give them that