27 March 2008

Evil Possessed

D: Anyways
D: Can't chatty chat long
D: This movie script won't write itself
N: Not unless it was an evil possessed movie script
D: Hey keep the big ideas for the writing room mister!
N: You're the boss
G: Seriously
G: Have there been nerve bomb attacks in the US or something?

26 March 2008

A Credit

So what have you written before?
D: Oh Nick's done a ton of stuff
D: He has a credit on The Pacifier
G: Really?
D: Yeah, they just haven't put it on IMDB yet
G: Didn't that film come out ages ago?
N: I was working this joint in LA
N: When who comes in but Vin Diesel
N: And I go to him
N: Hey Vinny, you should remake that Kindergarten Cop
N: True story
D: Isn't he great?
G: I've changed my mind
G: I think you two were made for each other

23 March 2008

Written in Code

N: At first I was all
N: Is this for real?
N: But then I realized the advert was written in code
N: The confusion it created
N: Was only a well crafted subterfuge
D: Isn't he great?
G: Believe me Nick
G: That sense of confusion doesn't ever really go away

22 March 2008

Mocked My Dreams

D: Nick answered my ad on Craiglist
D: Ahem
D: "Do you have a talent for writing? Are your friends and colleagues always undermining your talents? Wouldn't you like to turn around to them and say "You mocked my dreams and now look at me! I'm a millionaire movie maker! EAT THAT JERKBAIT!" If so, contact me today."
G: Oh brother

21 March 2008

Writing Partner

D: Nick
D: My writing partner
G: Stop saying writing partner!
D: Co-author then
G: Aghh!

19 March 2008

Unnamed PBC Project

G: I'm sorry what?
D: My writing partner
D: Nick
N: Hey man
G: You have a writing partner?
D: Yes and we have a lot to get through so
G: What are you writing?
D: At this stage it's an unnamed PBC Project
N: We have some ideas for the name
N: But you know at this stage we're keeping them under wraps
G: Oh well that seems…