30 September 2005


Damien: I'm bored

Gabe: Me too

Damien: I think I'm having an early twenties crisis

Gabe: Me too

Damien: I'm lost in a sea of self doubt

Gabe: Me too

Damien: I don't know what I want to be or where I want to go

Gabe: Me too

Damien: And I'm starting to find Magnum PI attractive

Gabe: You're on your own on that one, bud

29 September 2005


Damien: I'm bored and h0rny
Damien: But mostly h0rny


Gabe: I'm getting hair on my chest

Gabe: Does that mean I'm not a twink anymore?

Damien: I don't think you were ever a twink

Gabe: Why not?

Damien: You kinda have to be cute to be a twink

Gabe: f&$kw@t!


Gabe: You know, sometimes I'm glad I won't have kids
Gabe: Especially bringing them into this world
Gabe: I don't know if I'd want the responsibility
Gabe: And murderers and junk

Gabe: Damien?
Damien: Sorry - I was trying to see how many cheese and onion Pringles I could fit into my mouth at once!!

'Nuff Said

Damien: This guy is so hot

28 September 2005


Gabe: My Mum found my p@rn stash again
Gabe: It's just lucky her eyesight's so bad
Gabe: She thinks I'm collecting Men's Health
Gabe: Keeps offering to buy me protein shake powder from the supermarket
Damien: Aw, God bless your Mother!

27 September 2005

Gay Blog

Damien: What's this Queerty blog about then?
Damien: And what the f%@k is a Queerty?
Gabe: It's a new gay lifestyle website which uses the pretense of celebrating our "diversity" to tell us how to live our lives.
Damien: Well they don't have enough pictures of topless boys to do that!!!!!!

26 September 2005

The Butterfly Effect

Damien: I totally love Ashton Kutcher
Damien: I watched Butterfly Effect last night
Damien: He is hot HOT HOT
Gabe: Even with a goatee?
Damien: Yes even with bum fluff on his face
Gabe: Even when he's insane?
Damien: I would hold him and comfort him back to sanity
Gabe: Even when he's an amputee?
Damien: Even with stumps
Gabe: You know he married Demi Moore today?
Damien: What??? No way! That f%%ker is so dead to me!!!!!!!!!!!

19 September 2005


Gabe: Man, he's hot. I want to lick his teeth
Damien: I want to lick his c*ck
Gabe: Hey, shouldn't we introduce, like the blog
Damien: It's not exactly rocket science. Cute guy. blah blah. Hot guy. blah blah.
Gabe: Yeah I guess.
Gabe: But anyway, welcome blogreaders!
Gabe: Aren't you going to say anything, D?
Damien: I would totally let him c*me in my mouth.
Gabe: *sighs*