30 May 2006


D: Hair go up
D: Hair go down
G: I think I'm going to Spain for my holiday
D: Hair go up
D: Hair g
G: Are you listening?
D: Yeah yeah you're going to Spain
D: What do you want - a medal?

29 May 2006


G: Where should I go for my summer holidays?
D: There may be a few places
D: free at Bubblebutt Bootcamp for Boys...
G: Man I wish that was a real place

24 May 2006

Kip's Dad

G: I am both turned on
G: And a little scared
D: Like when my friend Kip's Dad came in shirtless
D: and found us drinking his Canadian Club...
D: Good times

23 May 2006

Equal Opportunities

D: He's cute
D: And not so white
G: Yeah, I'm an equal opportunities perve

22 May 2006


G: Here's another Gladitorial hunk
D: What's his name?
G: Um
G: Hornicus

20 May 2006


D: Have you read the Da Vinci Code?
G: Read it?
G: I've been wearing a cilice around my leg for weeks
D: Huh
G: And I'll let you guess what I've been doing with the rosary beads...
D: See if you can dicipher this G Spot: odreiw a era uoy

17 May 2006

Talk About

D: We never talk about politics
G: We never talk about a lot of stuff
G: We never talk about geraniums
D: No you're right
D: We never talk about geraniums

16 May 2006


G: Couldn't find any better pics today huh?
D: Not really

G: Well...
G: I'd like to, um, survey his arse
D: Aw, thanks for trying G Man

15 May 2006

Tea Cosy

G: The guy with the tea cosy on his head looks malnourished
D: He he tea cosy
D: Oh - is that a real thing?

14 May 2006

Totally Come

D: You should totally come over to Boulder one day
D: I'll show you a good time
D: We can drink beer and everything
D: I know how much you like beer
G: I do very much like beer...

11 May 2006


G: Do you have boulders in Boulder?
D: Did the guy in red speedo made you think of that?
G: How'd you know?