31 July 2006


D: I think we have the best commenterers
D: I read other blogs and I'm like
D: But ours
D: Ours are funny
D: And smart
G: It's your birthday soon huh?
D: It might possibly be coming up in August...

30 July 2006

Love is...

G: What kind of car?
D: Um...
D: Green

29 July 2006

Give it a Shot

D: I've been sober for two whole weeks
G: Is it medical trials season again??
G: How time flies
D: No Assbreath, I've kinda been seeing this guy
D: And he doesn't drink
D: So I thought I'd give it a shot too
G: Wow, that's cool
G: You must really like him
D: Yeah
D: He has like the best car ever

27 July 2006

Back in Town

D: It's working!
G: Hooray!
D: The boys are back in town!

24 July 2006

A Third Way

D: Blogger sucks
D: I've been trying to upload pics for an hour
D: Can you make it work?
G: *tries*
G: No, it sucks for me too
D: Oh well
G: Maybe we could try the third way?
D: Don't push your weird bisexual ways with me
G: One girl
G: I kiss one girl
G: OK, two if you count the one at Popstarz
G: But it was dark
G: And she had asexual hair

20 July 2006

Apples & Pears

G: I call this montage:
G: "Jonny went out to buy apples and came home with pears"