05 January 2006

Random Cute Guys We Wouldn't Kick Out of Bed

D: This guy's only 17
G: That's legal here
D: Really?
G: The age of c0nsent is 16 in this country
G: At 16 you can also buy l0ttery tickets and chocolate liqueurs
D: Good to know

G: He has great eyes
D: I totally love the whole card throwing thing
D: He's like "get outta here, you're a c@rdshark. I'm a m0therf*king c@rdshark"
G: Is that a line from a film?
D: No I just made it up

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

is it me, or does he look slightly crosseyed? He's cute though, in that way that a puppy gets when you've moved his food dish.