04 January 2006

Dieux du stade 2006: Part Two

G: What do you think happens when you join the french rugby team?
G: Do they sit you down and say "Jean-Claude, congratulations. Not only will you be representing your country in sport
G: But you'll also be taking off your kit
G: And parading around in front of the camera
G: In a series of h0moer0tic poses - in your underwear
G: Or nekkid
G: With just a rugby ball to cover your wotsits"
D: I know that's what I tell them when I shoot the calendar at my house
G: All I can say is Viva la France!
D: Maybe you should ask some natives?


Anonymous said...

I don't think they're the actually French Rugby Team. They're just too beautiful. And none of them have broken noses. But, please, keep posting pics. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I hope saying this doesn't make me look like a smartass, but it's actually Vive la France, not viva, which is Spanish for the same thing... Anyway, that being said I have to tell you how much I love what you're doing with your blog! You can't really find boys as beautiful as yours on any of the other blogs. Plus, you're never tacky. This is why I keep coming back for more every day!
Kudos to you both for that.

A blond Finnish boy (Yes, it's cold in here.)

Anonymous said...

Tous ces dieux sont sportifs. Il y à quelqu'un qui fait du football (soccer), mais la majorité fait du rugby. Les plus beaux...sont argentins. Regardez-les: Rafael Carballo, Gonzalo Quesada et (le plus plus) Juan Martin Hernández.
Vive la France! Mais...surtout...Vive l'Argentine!!!