17 November 2005


Damien: I think I might be a secret poet

Damien: I'm always thinking up these great lines

Gabe: Like what?

Damien: Butter, butter is so yellow, and into it the dwarf did fell - oh!

Damien: They sound much better in my head actually

Gabe: I think you should stay a secret poet


Anonymous said...

That's funny. So you guys actually blog together? This is rather refreshing. Interesting, unique and like no other.

Is this blog just fully based on pictures though? Nonetheless interestion.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

that pretty boi looks like a young brian kinney... so pretty.

Anonymous said...

this boy is soooooo hot iwould love to lick him lke a popsicle

Anonymous said...

LICK him till lightning stricks twice