08 May 2007

I'm a Charity

G: How's that sister of yours?
D: Apparently she wants to be
D: An Aid Worker or something now
D: I'm like
D: Get over your Western guilt complex already
D: And while you're at it, send me some money
D: I'm a charity lady!!

G: Are you guys biological siblings?
D: Apparently but I have my doubts...


Anonymous said...

Okay, for real! There's enough starving pretty boys in this world (like myself) who deserve to be fed first to preserve the good looks.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

The Nick Blog said...

Funny. I've been checking out your blog for a while. Just started a blog of my own so it's brand new. I would be honored to ad your link for the same.

Kit said...

you guys...you still keep me in stitches. love the pics, love you guys.. awwww.