12 December 2006

The List

G: Here's the list
D: Shoot
G: OK, cute
G: Funny
G: Althletic maybe
G: And his ass must be hanging out of his trousers
D: Well hello? Natch


Leonard said...

Does anyone remember The Blair Witch?....well um..yeah.. this video made me dizzy also!! couldn't focus on the contect 'cause I was trying not to hurl! ;-) peace

Wyndham said...

Just love it! Now what would be really erotic would be to see him cycling down the boardwalk.....

I have of course added you to my favourites so I can visit you again and again.


Anonymous said...

This young man looks like he's trying to escape from some remote island---like maybe the Carolina outer banks---but the wardrobe thing is so puzzling to me. P.S. I've been visiting for awhile, I LOVE your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hootest video i've seen in a long time. Now that's saggin!