22 December 2006


D: We're out of here Pretty Boy Clubsters
G: Have a great Christmas and New Year
D: Pull my cracker Gabe
G: Not now
D: No really, pull it
G: We're taking a break
G: And we'll be back in a few weeks
D: Seriously Gabe, touch my cracker
G: Say goodbye Damien
D: Goodbye Damien!


dj said...

Have a great time and look forward to seeing you both back soon.

rearlover said...

pretty boys indeed
fine blog

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys had great New Years.

Hurry back boys.

M@ said...

it's now the 3rd. Did one of you DIE or something? Alien abduction? Sex slave? What?


hello? *tap* *tap*

Anonymous said...

oh my god what pretty pretty boys. Let me know where the next photo shoot is going to be PLEASE?