11 December 2007

Guy # 3

G: Craig is neither too short
G: Nor too tall
G: Too fat or too thin
G: He's a great guy is Craig
G: Yes with him you will grin

D: Yeah, um
D: Points for poetry
D: But I knew a Craig once
D: And he was a total butt
D: Not in a good way either


m. said...

What's with the change in colors? Cristmas? Really?! I liked the old colors...

Kevin said...

WHAT?? I mean....WHAT?

What the fuck was the point of that ad? Don't drive while gay? Don't make out with boys in front of your straight friend?

Are they saying that suddenly giving into your physical urges is equal to being too impaired to operate a vehicle? Or are they saying that, hey, if you're high and NOT driving, great things can happen like you making out with a guy who looks like a young Brett Ratner?

matuhome said...

Hello Guys...
Im Matias from Argentina...
and i Loveeeeeeeeee your Blog




DrGaellon said...

That clip is... all kinds of disturbing. As my ex used to say, "Multi-colored, multi-flavored wrong!"

rearlover said...

can y give me the url of that vid?

Anonymous said...

I don't get that one, but I like that they went their emotions.