15 February 2007

She Beast

He's so secretive, you know?
H: He won't tell us anything
H: He's dating someone
D: I'm right here
H: And he won't even introduce us
G: Maybe he's shy
D: I'm not shy
D: Gabe, do not side with the she beast
H: He's emotionally stunted
H: He never even cried watching ET
D: It looked like a turd!!!


Anonymous said...

These guys aren't that pretty. Its the first time you've disappointed me, or is it something with me?

Anonymous said...

Hello D and G and big hello to H,

I am all agog at this latest development.

What does this mean to the blog? Is H going to contribute to the picture selection process? Are the bf going to join in as well?

Ooo, I can't wait to see where this goes ... the twists, the turns, the suspense!

Anonymous said...

Aloha H !
I'm a huge fan . . loving the twists as well. Ya'll crack me up

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Martini and Chantelle!

thecoherent said...

love your blog. check out mine when you get a chance!