06 September 2006

Mail Bag

D: These first set of pics were sent to us by Kako
D: From sunny Venezuela

D: And this cute couple are Drew & Joe
D: Ahem
D: "I am an avid reader and fan of your blog. It was actually one of the blogs that inspired me and my boyfriend to create our own patch of cyberspace. Our blog is called He Said, He Said, and it chronicles what we are both doing, thinking, feeling, and experiencing while he is in Argentina doing school work and I am in Texas doing work work. We are very much together, but seperated by thousands of miles, which tends to make things interesting."
G: Nice, we inspired a blog
D: We also inspire them to have kinky sex whenever they're reunited
G: Where does it say that in the email?
D: Oh it doesn't
D: I just know

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your jpegs are always great.

Your dialogs are even better.