28 February 2008


G: This vid was sent in by Matty:

"These are some of the best scenes from a Scottish show, Tinsel Town, which included a gay love story between 37 year-old police officer Jack Donnelly (Paul Hickey) and 17 year-old school boy Ryan Taylor (David Paisley). Paisley is the pretty boy of course.

Jack didn't know just how young Ryan was the first time they hooked up, and Ryan approached Jack.

David Paisley is gay in real life. From Wikipedia about David Paisley: "...He had a long-term relationship with Alex Mercer, with whom he shared Britain's first on-screen gay threesome scene in Tinsel Town...".
G: End quote
D: David Paisley huh?
D: Well he was never going to be a
D: Vaginarologist with a name like that...


Martyn said...

A brilliant show. Does anyone know where I can get a copy on DVD?

Anonymous said...

Paul Hickey is also gay - he used to date Andy (Surname?) who played TJ on the soap Take the High Road.