14 February 2008


D: We have a reader's question
G: Woo!
D: Ahem
D: "what's your guy's secret? do you rehearse what you put on the blog? or do you just chat randomly on messenger until you find something funny to put in."
D: You wanna answer this one?
G: Dear reader
G: You might have noticed
G: That the quality of funny here
G: Has plummeted since the Writers' Strike
G: Coincidence??
D: OK, that's enough Columbo


m. said...

That's nowhere near enough!

Kenneth Johnson, or Sebastien Penn said...

now that the writer's strike is over, i'd expect more funny from you guys

Anonymous said...

The strikes over.

I expect more funny.




Anonymous said...

No seriously, tell him you rehearse. You even do dress rehearsals. In little outfits. With more fabric than those posted.

RONNE said...

little outfits look good. The less fabric the better.