22 February 2008

Prize If You Can Name Them All

G: Maybe we could do an animated film?
D: Um, these pics are kinda wrong
G: I know
G: I can't stop looking at Aladdin's crotch
G: It's like I'm 9 years old all over again...


Loup said...

Aladdin (Aladdin)
Prince Eric (Little Mermaid)
John Smith (Pohcahantas)
Hercules (Hercules)
Tarzan (Tarzan)
What do I win?
There's this Prada top I've had my eye on...

How about you just don't make fun of my geekiness?


Anonymous said...

haha ! i knew them all cept for the name of the name of the little mermaids prince. he's smoking though

and yes it IS like i'm 10 alll over again

-cheesy grin-

oh how i do love you guys !

Anonymous said...

Really makes you look at the disney films in a new light. And wow, is Aladin a twink-miester or what? DAMN!!!
And Prince Eric...Yes, I'll take some of that. WOW!

Rob from Michigan

P.S. Who is the artist??? It's award time.

color capsule said...


Mo said...

Okay, I didn't get Captain John Smith, but these guys are like the colors of the wind...

Anonymous said...

I love em Who's the artist?

Joe in the OC said...

I've seen some nude versions over the years of Hercules. Anyone know of other Characters that have been drawn in the nude?

Justin said...

Wow! I'm just so happy to find I'm not the only guy who gets crushes on Disney men... I loved it when in Tarzan they started doing nipples too. Who made these excellent drawings?

LHOOQ said...

i knew a real person who went by the name "aladdin" and was rather fond of strutting around totally naked and LOOKED JUST LIKE THAT. mmm locker room experience ever!