23 February 2008

Round 2

G: So those ones were easy huh?
G: Try these on for size!
D: Wait, are these all still Disney characters?
D: Because I think I've seen
D: That last guy in Brazilian Boners 3
D: Just sayin


Joe in the OC said...

Does anyone recognize them all? I picked out Milo from Atlantis with the blue crystal. The others I'm not sure. Anyone?

DrGaellon said...

The Japanese fellow is Mulan's boyfriend. The guy with the crystal is definitely Milo from Atlantis. The Indian brave is obviously from Pocahontas; I've never seen it, so I can't name him. The kid with the earring is the main character of Treasure Planet (Jim?). The last one is Lilo's older brother from Lilo and Stitch.

The first and third, I can't place at all. The redhead looks familiar, but I just don't know...

Anonymous said...

#6 is Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet

Anonymous said...

geez these are hard
i know the second guy asia is from mulan no clue about his name. the other is milo from atlantis and the other dude maybe from pocahontas i'm guessing ?

i give up :p

Loup said...

Make with the Prada:

1. Prince Philip - Sleeping Beauty (Initially I thought it was Charming)
2. Shang - Mulan
3. Thomas - Pocahontas
4.Milo Thatch - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
5.Kocoum - Pocahontas
6. Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet
7.David - Lilo & Stitch

The benefits of having dated a Disney animation freak.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

yeah, this set is much harder to identify

Anonymous said...

i have a lead on the artist!

he or she is probably israeli and/or jewish because their mark has three hebrew characters in it. now we can narrow it all down.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about 1 and 7...but my guesses are:

1. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty,
2. General Li from Mulan,
3. Dimitri from Anastasia (which isn't Disney),
4. Milo from Atlantis
5. Kocoum from Pochahontas
6. Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island
7. David Kawena from Lilo and Stitch


MatthewD said...

Prince Philip - Sleeping Beauty
Captain Li Shang - Mulan
Thomas - Pocahantas
Milo - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Kocoum - Pocahantas
Jim Hawkins- Treasure Planet
David Kawena - Lilo and Stitch

I'm so hard core.

The Pretty Boys said...

Matthewd + Loup you win! Here's the guy who drew them btw: http://davidkawena.deviantart.com/

And your prize is, um, in the post...
x Gabe

Loup said...

I see no prada jacket.

How about if either of you come to Australia you just get me blind drunk?

That works.

MatthewD said...


I require no prize for my mad-skills.

Only admiration, respect... and the occasional sexual favor.

Anonymous said...

lol i love these pics... soo soo much *swooon* i may just be a straight girl but jesus lol these guys were every little girls fantaasy boyfriends;) now theyre all grown up in more ways than one.

p.s. i knew them all of course rofl.

throb919 said...

Man--I'm lookin' at Disney in a whole new light...uh...whole new world...I mean...small world after all...y'know. The funniest thing of all is Prince Erik's tattoo: Fish Fetish!