07 August 2007

Three People

D: The dumping was kinda complicated
D: But it involved someone else
G: You cheated on him?
D: No doofus
D: Although Ford was never
D: Exactly ecstatic about this blog
D: He said there were
D: Three people in our relationship
G: I forget he was named after a car
D: And conceived in one
G: I find that a little odd
D: It's more common than you think
D: There was a girl at my school
D: Called Chevrolet Silverado
G: She's lucky it wasn't Back Seat Buick I guess...


ben said...

You guys crack me up....lol
Glad ur both back - was missing your posts, the pixs but especially your witty comments.

Brechi said...


savante said...

He considered the blog a competitor?!