24 August 2007


D: It's weird being single again
D: You know the one thing I miss?
G: Borrowing all his clothes?
D: Apart from that
G: Eating all his food?
D: No, no
D: I miss having someone
D: Just one person out there
D: Who has to be nice to you
G: Aw Damien *hugz*

G: Now get back in the kitchen
G: And finish scrubbing those floors


David said...

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. One can be alone and have a network of friends; whereas, being lonely, you can be surrounded by people but feel all alone. Your feelings are understood.

Anonymous said...

Damien, If your personality in person is the same one you show us here, you don't NEED someone who HAS to be nice to you. I can't imagine many guys who wouldn't be nice to you. (If they ARE mean to you, gimme their names. I am 6'3", 220 and I love putting mean people in their place!)


Mitsukuni said...

HI!!!..umm, well, I'm a new reader and I fell in love with your blog, It's amazing and totally awesome!!, kudos for the silly-banter-thing...
Hugs to Damien!, so sorry that it ended, but you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel...or the video of Un point C'est toi (Zazie), you won't regret it!