14 August 2007

Hot Naked Guys OK

G: Hang on
G: "Three people in the relationship"
G: ?
D: Oh, well he was kinda jealous of you
D: I s'pose
D: He was always like
D: "What do you guys talk about all the time?"
D: And I was like
D: "Hot naked guys ok
D: What you're like my Dad now??"
G: And to think
G: He broke up with you
D: I know G
D: It's a frickin mixed up world


Anonymous said...

Mixed up, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys work ard to bring us all hotness but the kids in this video look a little too young I think. Still, you boys rock. And thanks for the effort. :)

Anonymous said...

who is the song by???

Grassy said...

by Ivri Lider