21 August 2007

Equine Friend

G: Ah the seventies
G: When nothing but a red leather genital pouch
G: Stood between you
G: And the sweet sweet loving
G: of your equine friend
D: I have those boots in a chisel toe


paul in Oz said...

70s? Nah, looks more like the 60s or even the 50s, when pouches were oh so de rigeur.

But, really, what's with the weird suck-the-stomach-in thing he's doing all the time? Did someone tell him queers like men to look half starved?

Clyde said...

The classic is riding the horse and getting his pouch moved around by its back muscles, then hopping off for a refreshing cigarette.

Alaska Florists said...

Huge pouch - I cannot believe the grace men had back then compared to today.

pushka said...

God I would love to download that. It is beautiful Can anybody send it to me