19 June 2007

Origin Story Part 4

G: My plan?
G: To lure Damien onto messenger
G: And give him a taste of his own medicine
G: Some max strength anitihistamean if you will
G: But when he logged on
G: A strange thing happened
G: He was funny
G: And not exactly horrible
G: And we became
G: Friends
G: I know that doesn't make a very good end to the story
G: But that's what happened
G: Real life doesn't always have
G: The best punch lines
G: Does it?


Anonymous said...

Horrible story Princess Crumpetina ;)

LOL GayPorn said...

U Haz LOLGAY too!!!

Bolton said...

that you tube is some of the hottest damn youtube ever.

i. am. moist.

Morgen said...

not the best punch line
but a good story nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

To me your story tells of a great friendship! Your truly concerned for your friend. It shows. I've found your on line relationship to be spontaneous, heartfelt and touching even in the process of poking fun at the world. I hope your partner in crime is OK and is happy. It would be great if he returns but even greater if he finds what he is looking for and it makes him happy.

nash said...

Who cares about the punch line? It's good to know how you guys met. Thanks Gabe

btw, I think Damien's lurking somewhere nearby

juan said...


And I, er, I mean Damien, is not lurking!

Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

Well let this be a warning to the rest of you vampire slaying bastards out there. Don't. Fuck. With. Gabe. Otherwise he will lure you onto messenger. . .and then become your friend.

nash said...

Oh Juan, how about a freckle punch?

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys.


Leonard said...

um, yeah Princess Crumpetina...not exactly where I thought it would end up. Although, G is gone, it's all about Princess Crumpetina now!! ;-) peace!

hapaxlegomenons said...

I hope you two are alright. I miss you two.

Matt said...

interesting song choice, is it just me or do Americans have fat asses?

Anonymous said...

You need a temporary online partner. It's not that fun to read one-sided conversations.


london_carlos said...

where are you???

scooterzz said...

uh...this is more like the sound of no hands clapping....wha' happened?

Di said...

I miss you guys... = (

Chris. said...

"Where are dolphins?" is my new catch phrase, I hope you know.