17 June 2007

Origin Story Part 3

G: I avoided him to be honest
G: I thought he was just another loud American (sryz!)
G: Throwing his ideas around (not 2 sterotypz k!!)
G: He would post a response
G: Engineered to wind me up
G: Make fun of my grammar (rich I knos)
G: And call me
G: Princess Crumpetina
G: Now nobody calls me Princess Crumpetina
G: And gets away with (cept my mum lol)
G: I had to teach this Damien a lesson
G: A lesson he would never forget... (everz!)


Diego said...

Hey, i've been visiting your blog quietly for over an year now xD

Im from brazil and my name is Diego. Also, my english sucks (as u may have already noticed). = X

I Love all the posts(mostly the pictures xD). I always lough a lot of you guys too ^_^

And i wish the best for you two, specially for Damien right now (i hope you feel better =).

lots of kisses!!

*\_|--Johnny Boy--|_/* said...

Now this is getting interesting!

Peter said...

I can definitely see where Princess Crumpetina would be completely uncalled for. Damien on the other hand could definitely be called a Princess though-and I mean that in the nicest sort of way. We do miss her. Love sucks when you get your heart stomped on. Just remember, men are like busses: there's another one along in 20 minutes, 5 if you're on a busy route

Martin said...

who would have thought that the sound of one hand clapping would be so amusing

Nick said...


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! It sounds like Princess Crumpetina is grumpy. Hopefully little miss princess crumpetina can find better pictures to make her happy :)

Emisiones Nocturnas said...

Hi Gabe...

Didn't get the part of Princess Crumpetina... but... it's still a good story...

Greetings from Chile

Anonymous said...

WTF? I just don't get the faggot jargon.