14 July 2007

Seven Sleeps

D: Yo
G: Hey!!!!
G: Hey its you!!
G: You went
G: You went and I was alone
G: And then it got tricky and I went
G: You went away too long!!!!
G: No went long time next ok?
D: Ha
D: Ok I think
G: So how are you?
D: Good. A lot has happened.
D: I want to tell you everything
D: But I'm going away tomorrow for a week
G: You're coming back though right?
D: Yeah I am
G: So I'll see you in a week?
D: Yeah you will
G: Seven sleeps?
D: Ha, yeah
D: Seven sleeps it is


notwrong said...

oh my! what a lovely selection!

Peter said...

YEAH!!!!!!! You're back! We've missed you both.

Emisiones Nocturnas said...

Thank god D is back and G is better... D... you've got a lot to tell... G... be patient...

Saludos desde Chile

Anonymous said...

"seven sleeps"

now that is about the cutest thing I have come across in a very long time.

Tabloidman said...

Hooray! Damien's back! Both of you are back! I can hardly wait for these seven sleeps to be over. :)

Colin said...

Thank goodness you are back - I was having withdrawls..........and no sex!!

brenton said...

Whoo hoo! The pretty boys are making a comeback! Nice work boys!
Welcome back D, hope you are feeling better.

Scott said...


David said...


scooterzz said...

**sigh**....finally, crises diverted....we can breathe again...

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I have missed you guys!

Chris said...

Yay! Damien is back! You guys are so cute. *blush*

Anonymous said...