13 June 2007

Origin Story Part 2

G: 2004 was also the year I suffered
G: My first major Buffy withdrawl
G: I started watching back to back Angel
G: And also frequented a few of the forums
G: It was light weight stuff to begin with
G: Debates on the best Big Bad
G: Longwinded discussions about the pretext of
G: Misogyny disguised as pseudo feminisim
G: Kids stuff
G: But there was this one guy
G: Who took things a little more...
G: How shall I put this?
G: ...Personally
G: And his name
G: Although you've probably already guessed by now
G: Was Damien
G: Or d@m13n_thev@mp1re-sl@y3r69
G: To be precise...


Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...


p.s. LOL times 37 plus 6

Anonymous said...

good post - thanks for the "prequel" to blog. Is your bf funny? Could he stand-in for a bit?

Juan said...

Wait a minute...
Are you trying to tell us that Damien is a vampire or he just sucks?

And where the f#%@ did you get all those photos of me?!

scooterzz said...

does juan have a cam?.....my mind is wandering......

Anonymous said...

And I thought MY e-mail address was long!

When you two going to get back together?