19 March 2007

Vote or Die

D: We are in some gay blog competition
G: What?
D: A gay blog competition
D: People are voting
D: And we're LOSING
G: What?
D: So my blog friends
D: You must go here and click on "vote now!"
D: And vote for US
G: What?
D: We can't let that homo Outsports blog win
D: Lovers of soft porn must triumph
D: Over mildly athletic homosexuals
D: Are you with me brothers!!!?!!?

G: Seriously, what?


Crail said...

I went to vote but do not know how to register my vote.

Anonymous said...

'k.....i voted three times (once for d, once for g and once for juan).....

Bingo! said...

Don't forget to vote early and often if you can. Outsports needs to go down. (Yeah, it's a petty personal drama queen thing) Pretty Boys RULE!!!!!!!

justpassingthru said...

i just voted for you guys....I love your blog! GOOD LUCK!!!

Sue said...

Some sisters voted too...

Joel said...

"Jag saknar P.B"

That's swedish for "I miss P.B", if you would like to know and didn't already. :)