06 March 2007

Capital of Zimbabwe

G: Hey look
G: Our readers did research on IMDB for us
D: Yeah
D: I have them pretty well trained
D: Watch this
D: What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

G: Nothings happening
D: Wait...


Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

Sorry fellas, but IMDB.com doesn't say what the capital of Zimbabwe is.

Deviant said...

I can tell the above guy, however hot looking he seems, is embarrassingly short. Look at how small his torso is. Ugh, such a waste of a good mold.

Randy said...

That would be Harare.

You give us teh prettyboys - why shouldn't we do research? :)

Ric said...

the "Z" is the capital :)

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia sez: Harare!

Anaƫl said...

Nice guys !