08 March 2007


G: I think I'm going to stage a sit-in
D: What?
G: I'm being kicked out of my house
G: Remember?
D: Oh yeah
D: Why don't you become a Manny?
G: What's that?
D: A dude Nanny
G: Wouldn't that be a Danny?
D: Anyhoo you should totally do it
D: You'll be so freakin' Charles in Charge!!


about a boy said...

my best friend wants me to be her kids manny! we can be mannies together!

Chuck said...

I don't know if that's such a great idea... Charles ended up sleeping with one of the girls in real life. Hmmm... Maybe....

Anonymous said...

Bunny man scary.

Anonymous said...

what is that bunny picture?! it's just creepy...

redbull15 said...

What a hoot! I haven't thought about Charles in Charge (and Buddy!!!) in a long time. Quite the reference!